The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel, A Novel

Harper Avenue 2016

Half For You and Half For Me, An Anthology

Whitecap Books, 2014

The Printmaker’s Daughter, A Novel

Harper Collins, US, 2011 A Harper Perennial paperback (published in Canada as The Ghost Brush)

The Ghost Brush, a novel

Harper Collins, 2010 (published in the US under the title The Printmaker’s Daughter)

Three Views Of Crystal Water, a novel

4th Estate, London, 2005 Harper Collins, Toronto, 2005 Harper Perennial, Toronto and London, 2006

Solo: Writers on Pilgrimage, An Anthology

Stories by Margaret Atwood, Ivan Klima, Mark Kurlansky, Kate Grenville and others. McClelland and Stewart, Toronto Mondadori, Italy Mouria, Netherlands

Creation, a novel

Random House Canada, 2002 Overlook Press, New York, 2003 Vintage Canada, 2003

The Truth Teller, A Novel

Random House Canada, 2000 Vintage Canada, 2001

Angel Walk, A Novel

Little, Brown Canada, 1996 Little, Brown Canada, 1997; reprint – Vintage Canada, 2000

Without A Guide: Contemporary Women’s Travel Adventures, An Anthology

MacFarlane, Walter & Ross, Toronto, 1994 Hungry Mind Press, U.S, 1996 Pandora UK, 1996 Bzztoh, Netherlands,1996

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