Peterborough Examiner calls Creation top environmental read
“enthralling and “intriguing”

“Creation” by Katherine Govier

People who enjoy finding and watching birds all share a trait: single-mindedness. Canadian author, Katherine Govier, documents this single-mindedness in her novel about Jean Jacques (a.k.a. John James) Audubon’s trip up the coast of Labrador to find the nesting areas of North American birds.

J.J. Audubon is a complex character who is fully aware that when humans enter a scene, they change it. The central paradox of this novel is that for Audubon, the act of creation is also an act of destruction.

Govier’s writing is eloquent and she has written an atmospheric and enthralling historical novel. Her epilogue is also intriguing as it poses the question of what is fiction and what are facts. She does list facts for the factually minded among her readers.

Alexis Hurley

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